An Unexpected Blessing

An Unexpected Blessing

A few days ago, my family and I were heading from a missions conference in Indiana to a meeting in Georgia. The trip was more than one day of driving so we stopped at a hotel for the night. The next morning, I was packing the car up so we could continue the drive when a construction worker walked up to me. He started the conversation off by saying, “so what church do you go to?” This kind of caught me off guard because I have never seen this man before. I then explained to him that we go to Temple Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia. He then told me that he was about to leave when the Holy Spirit told him to “sow some seed through me.” He then handed me a bundle of cash and left. I looked at the bundle and it was the exact amount that we had paid for our hotel plus an extra dollar. I looked down and realized that I was wearing a shirt that said, “Jesus is enough.” Praise the Lord for His provision.

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  1. That’s a great reminder that God cares for us and is involved in our lives. What an unexpected blessing!

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