The Blessing of Christian Fellowship

The Blessing of Christian Fellowship

A few days ago, Savannah and I were blessed with an opportunity of some good godly fellowship with a fellow missionary couple. It was such an encouragement to our hearts! This couple is on fire for the Lord, and it was a blessing to be able to sit down with them over a meal and hear about their field as well as share about ours. We also were able to talk about practical things like different discipleship programs and outreach ideas. Truly iron sharpeneth iron! (Prov 27:17)

I would like to encourage anyone reading this to spend some time with a godly friend. Being able to build one another up in Christ is so crucial in this time where many pastimes tend to isolate the body of Christ from one another.

For any pastors reading this, the missionary family is the Canavans to Ireland. They are second generation missionaries, who are solid soul winning, church planting, Baptist missionaries. I truly believe the Lord is going to greatly use them and I would fully recommend them to any church who is looking to take on another missionary. All their information can be found at:

Their Prayer Card & Brochure:

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