About Uganda

About Uganda

These numbers are from the National Population and Housing Census 2014 undertaken by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).

Statistics and Facts about Uganda

Population of Uganda – 45,135,732 people (roughly the population of California and Tennessee combined)

Size of Uganda – 93,238 miĀ² (roughly the size of Michigan)

Average Ugandan Life Expectancy – For males: 57 years old / For females: 61 years old

Currency of Uganda – the Ugandan Shilling / approximately 3,700 shillings equals 1 US dollar

Average day’s wage in Uganda – 120,190 shillings or $32.48 a day in the city / 5,000 shillings or $1.35 a day in the village

71% of all Ugandans grow their own food.

6.8% of the entire world’s species of butterflies live in the savannahs of Uganda and the Rwenzori Mountains.

Mt. Elgon is a volcanic mountain in Uganda, and is classified as the world’s largest volcano base. This volcano is the natural habitat for over 300 bird species and 24 mammal species including elephants, leopards, buffaloes and bush pigs.

Nsenene is Ugandan’s favorite snack – pan fried grasshoppers; it is considered one of the country’s biggest delicacies.

Ugandan Food

Ugandan Chipati
Ugandan Rolex (Photo by Zippy Qremer)
Ugandan “Sizzling Chicken and Rice”
Chicken with Ugandan herbs & Ugandan Rice (Rice + Pork + Spices) & Carrot Slaw